Like many women today, 34-year-old Bevelry found herself at a crossroads between growing her career and the desire to have control over her fertility and biological clock. Her journey into egg freezing wasn’t born overnight but was a decision that matured over the years. The real estate agent first contemplated the idea of egg freezing when… Continue reading Gaining Control Over Her Fertility: Bevelry Wee’s Reflections On Egg Freezing
Bevelry Egg Freezing

Like many women today, 34-year-old Bevelry found herself at a crossroads between growing her career and the desire to have control over her fertility and biological clock. Her journey into egg freezing wasn’t born overnight but was a decision that matured over the years.

The real estate agent first contemplated the idea of egg freezing when she was 29. It was a pivotal age where the prospect of family planning began to intertwine with her personal and professional aspirations. 

Bevelry Wee Egg Freezing in Singapore


She intended to start the process at 32, but her plans were thwarted by Singapore’s legal restrictions and the COVID-19 pandemic.

It wasn’t until 2023 when egg freezing became legally accessible in Singapore that she decided to take the plunge.

Understanding the egg freezing process

Egg freezing is a method of preserving a woman’s fertility for the future. Eggs are harvested from the ovaries, frozen unfertilized, and stored for later use. When a woman is ready for pregnancy, the eggs can be thawed, fertilized, and transferred to the uterus as embryos.

The whole process comprises three steps. First,  Injectable fertility drugs are given to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs in one cycle. This typically takes around 10-14 days.

Next, the eggs are retrieved from the ovaries through an ultrasound-guided needle inserted through the vagina. Sedation or anesthesia is used. Most women resume normal activities within a day or two.

The retrieved eggs are flash frozen using a technique called vitrification and stored at sub-zero temperatures using special cryogenic equipment.

When ready to become pregnant, the eggs are thawed and fertilized using IVF. After a few days of development, embryos are transferred to the uterus.

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Navigating the egg retrieval process: A bump in the road


Beverly showing her ultrasound result.


The egg retrieval process, Bevelry recalls, was remarkably quick and straightforward. Lasting only around 10 minutes, it seemed almost like a blink of an eye. While she experienced some discomfort over the next four days, it quickly dissipated.

In her first egg retrieval, Bevelry managed to retrieve a total of 14 eggs. This triumph was met with a touch of disappointment – only six were deemed viable for potential use. 


I was slightly disappointed because I thought that most of my eggs would be viable, but they ended up throwing eight away. I was also concerned that six might not be enough for a successful pregnancy in the future, so I would have to go through more cycles.”


This was a pivotal moment for Bevelry, as she began to contemplate the financial implications of undergoing additional cycles. 

It’s an aspect of the egg freezing journey that often takes centre stage after the initial procedure, as the journey towards securing one’s fertility continues. 


Financial planning for egg freezing: A necessary step


Bevelry Wee Egg Freezing in Singapore


Bevelry highlights the financial considerations tied to egg freezing – she believes that for anyone contemplating this journey, the first step should be to set up a solid financial plan. 

It’s not just about the cost of the procedure itself, but also the associated expenses, including consultations, medications, and any additional cycles that may be needed.

She advises setting a clear budget for egg freezing and then working backward to determine how to achieve that financial goal. 

By having a financial strategy in place, individuals can embark on the egg freezing journey with greater confidence, knowing they have the means to pursue their family planning goals.

Understanding the value of egg freezing 

While the actual egg freezing process was surprisingly smooth, she encountered objections and surprise from friends and family who questioned her decision to postpone childbirth. They could not fathom why she would not seize the opportunity to have children while she was young and healthy.

Despite the initial skepticism, Bevelry remained resolute. She patiently explained her choice to her loved ones, reinforcing her conviction that egg freezing was the path she wanted to take. 

When she finally embarked on this journey, her friends and family rallied behind her, showing their support and genuine concern.



Bevelry recognizes that the concept of egg freezing is still relatively new and unfamiliar in Singapore. Many may not fully comprehend the reasons behind this procedure, leading to misconceptions that it’s a frivolous pursuit.

However, Bev firmly believes in the emotional and psychological relief that egg freezing can offer.

She emphasizes the importance of educating the public about the profound significance of this process. Bev’s perspective aligns with the idea that when people understand the emotional and psychological reassurance it can provide, egg freezing becomes all the more worthwhile. 

Her advocacy underlines the need for increased awareness and understanding of fertility preservation options, shedding light on the deeply meaningful impact they can have on individuals’ lives.


Building a web of support


Bevelry Wee, He Ruiming, Egg Freezing in Singapore


Bevelry’s egg freezing journey wasn’t a solitary one; it was fortified by a robust support system, with her partner playing a central role. She reflects on his support, sharing that he was there for her throughout every step of the process – from the initial consultation to the doctor to the actual egg retrieval process. 

Bevelry cherishes her partner’s dedication to understanding the egg freezing process. It wasn’t just a matter of being physically present; it was about being emotionally engaged, willing to comprehend the intricacies of the procedure, and offering reassurance during moments of doubt or discomfort.

“My partner is very supportive of the egg freezing process. He was with me throughout the entire process, during the first consultation, all the way to the doctor’s scan and the egg retrieval process.” shared Bevelry. His involvement played a pivotal role in minimising the emotional toll that the journey can often bring.



Throughout Bevelry’s egg freezing journey, she found herself enveloped in a cocoon of support from friends and family. Her loved ones sent texts daily, and her friends connected her with other women who had undergone the process. This network of women became an invaluable source of encouragement and camaraderie.

These newfound friends checked in on Bevelry frequently, and the sense of camaraderie and support persisted beyond the initial journey. 

Bevelry and her new community remain in contact, sharing their stories, advice and any plans regarding future cycles of egg freezing.


Egg freezing as a personal choice


Bevelry emphasizes that while egg freezing can be a valuable option, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. She encourages women to consider it if they’re uncertain about having children. However, she acknowledges that the process might not be necessary for those who are certain about not having children. 

Her perspective underscores the deeply personal nature of fertility choices. Bevelry’s approach respects each individual’s autonomy in deciding when and how to navigate their own reproductive journey. In doing so, she highlights the importance of informed and individualized decision-making regarding fertility preservation.

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Fertility preservation and egg freezing are complex decisions many women face. Making informed choices based on objective evidence can make this journey smoother.

Everyone’s experience with fertility is unique. It’s vital to get advice from fertility experts who understand these nuances. This ensures you’re making the best decisions for your future family planning goals. To learn more, contact us today.


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