Essential questions you should ask before choosing an egg freezing provider: Expertise, success rate, facility amenities & financial considerations.

Deciding to freeze your eggs is a big step, and finding the right provider to support you on this journey is crucial. As you explore your options, you must arm yourself with the right questions to ensure you make an informed choice.


We have shortlisted some essential questions you should ask before choosing an egg freezing provider. By delving into topics ranging from expertise and success rates to facility amenities and financial considerations, you’ll gain the confidence to select a provider that aligns with your egg freezing needs.


  1. Do They Have an On-Site Lab?

Before committing to an egg freezing provider, inquire about their on-site laboratory. A top-notch lab equipped with up-to-date technology can significantly boost your chances of success. It’s important to ensure they use their own lab, as some clinics rely on external facilities, which might affect transparency and success rates.


Additionally, consider asking about the qualifications and experience of their laboratory staff, including embryologists and technicians.


  1. What Technology and Equipment Do They Use to Freeze Eggs?

Find out what technology and equipment the provider uses to freeze eggs. The preferred method is vitrification, known for its high effectiveness compared to the older, slower freezing method. Inquiring about their incubator type is also important, as individual incubators ensure better temperature and pH control.


  1. Where Will Your Eggs Be Stored After Freezing?

Knowing where your eggs will be stored is vital. Look for a secure storage facility with rigorous monitoring and liquid nitrogen tanks that maintain a constant temperature of -196ºC. While on-site storage at clinics is an option, it’s worth considering whether it offers the same level of safety and backup systems as an off-site facility.


You might also want to ask about the clinic’s policies regarding access to stored eggs and whether regular updates on the status and condition of the eggs are provided.


  1. What’s the Process for Using Your Frozen Eggs?

Understanding the process of using your frozen eggs is crucial. Ask if the provider allows you to use your eggs at their facility and clarify the associated costs. It’s also important to ensure they offer a smooth transfer option to another laboratory if needed. Clear communication of lab protocols for optimal thawing should also be part of the process discussion.


  1. What’s Included in the Egg Freezing Cycle Price?

Get a clear breakdown of the egg freezing cycle cost. Find out if it covers the initial consultation and if anesthesia is included for the egg retrieval procedure. Additionally, inquire about any additional required tests. Having a comprehensive understanding of the pricing structure will help you compare providers accurately and avoid surprises later on.


You may also want to ask about the clinic’s policies regarding refunds or financial options, such as payment plans or insurance coverage. It’s also important to clarify any post-cycle fees, such as annual storage fees for the frozen eggs.


  1. How Many Eggs Should You Freeze?

Determining the ideal number of eggs to freeze depends on various factors. Discuss your age, family goals, and future plans with your doctor. Remember, egg quality decreases with age, so older women may need to freeze more eggs for higher chances of success. Your doctor will provide personalised guidance tailored to your unique situation.


It’s also worth asking about any additional factors that may influence the number of eggs recommended, such as the quality of the eggs retrieved or the presence of any underlying fertility conditions.


  1. How Many Eggs Can You Expect to Freeze in One Cycle?

The number of eggs you can freeze in a single cycle varies for each individual. Fertility assessments, including AMH blood tests and ultrasounds, can help estimate the expected yield. Consulting a reproductive endocrinologist who can provide insights based on your age and test results is recommended.


When discussing the number of eggs that can be frozen in a single cycle, you may also want to ask about the average number of eggs retrieved from patients in your age group and discuss any strategies the provider employs to maximize the number of mature and high-quality eggs obtained.


  1. What Are the Chances of Achieving Pregnancy with Frozen Eggs?

Understanding the chances of achieving pregnancy with frozen eggs is essential. Your age at freezing and the number of eggs preserved play a role. Trust your doctor to provide a realistic assessment based on evidence and tailored to your circumstances. When seeking information on the chances of achieving pregnancy, inquire about the clinic’s success rates for thawed and transferred embryos.


Ask about the specific data related to patients in your age range and any factors that may impact success rates, such as egg quality and the use of additional procedures.


  1. Will Multiple Egg Freezing Cycles Be Necessary?

Deciding whether multiple egg freezing cycles are necessary depends on your goals and considerations. After understanding the recommended number of eggs and the expected outcomes of a single cycle, reflect on your desired probability of motherhood and any potential regrets.


Also, consider the time and financial investment required. It’s important to have an open conversation with your doctor to discuss the possibility of multiple cycles and make an informed decision based on your individual circumstances.


By asking these important questions, you’ll gather the necessary information to make an informed choice when selecting an egg freezing provider. Remember, your future fertility deserves the best care and support, so take the time to ensure you’re making the right decision.

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