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Fertility treatments, like egg freezing and IVF, can be
unnecessarily complicated
& out of reach.

Fertility treatments, like egg freezing and IVF, can be unnecessarily complicated & out of reach.


They shouldn't be.

Technology has changed everything, except in fertility care. Until now.

About Zora Health

At Zora Health, we understand that fertility treatments like egg freezing and IVF (in-vitro fertilization) can be a complex and emotional journey, rife with confusion and hidden fees. Finding a suitable clinic without opaque prices, non-standardized packages, and language barriers can be overwhelming. You’re not alone though; many have experienced the financial and emotional toll of the fertility care process, too. 

That’s why we created a comprehensive solution to make your egg freezing and IVF experiences accessible, convenient, and affordable. We offer you complimentary consultation concierge, access to top fertility clinics, and expert support to help you easily navigate the journey. 


With Zora Health, you don’t have to worry about the quality of care you will receive. Our team of experts is committed to helping you make informed decisions and achieve your fertility care goals, whether it’s through egg freezing and/or IVF. 


We save you time and effort by simplifying the process and making it more efficient and cost-effective. So you can focus on what truly matters: planning, starting or expanding your family.  


Zora means light or dawn.
To us, it signifies a new beginning,
a new way of doing things.

Zora means light or dawn.
To us, it signifies a new beginning, a new way of doing things.

We are building solutions we wished existed.

Our Founder

Anna Haotanto, Zora Health Founder.
Anna Vanessa Haotanto
38 years old, 
In a relationship, no children
Went for egg-freezing at age 34
Wrote about the experience in a viral 8000-word article here

“Welcome to Zora Health. Our vision is to unlock healthcare possibilities for women to live their desired lives, with options and without limitations. We want to create an honest ecosystem where all women can take control of their fertility journey, along with the actions they can take, via high-quality information, financing and expert support. 

Zora Health is more than just a venture for me; it’s a deeply personal mission. I have lived through the pain points myself, and I have seen countless women suffer from the same challenges. Suffering from PCOS for years & potentially entering early menopause has been humbling and debilitating. Accepting that I might NEVER be able to have children have led me to question my worth and if I am just not… enough. If I cannot help myself, I can help others by providing the resources and support you need to navigate your fertility journey with confidence and peace of mind.

The decision and journey to having a child are deeply personal and delicate. We know treatments can be prohibitively expensive, and insurance coverage is often limited and non-existent. Everyone has the right to pursue planning or building a family, regardless of their background or financial situation. Zora Health is dedicated to making that a reality. 


Thank you for considering Zora Health in your family planning journey. We take the responsibility of serving you very seriously and look forward to helping you achieve your dreams of planning or building a family.”

Our Company Values



Care Deeply

Show exceptional empathy,
treat everyone as family.



Better Together

Collective success through integrity, respect and accountability.



Be Excellent

Our best needs to be better. Pursue greatness. 



Never Comfortable

Seek growth;
push boundaries



Fail Foward

Continuous learning, growth and improvement.

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Zora Health aims to be the leading advocate for women’s health in Asia by leveraging innovative technology and innovation to provide access to comprehensive, affordable and personalised health services.

If this mission speaks to you, we would love for you to join our dynamic team. Take a look at our open positions or leave us your CV for future opportunities.