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Egg Freezing

Egg freezing, also known as mature oocyte cryopreservation, is a method used to save women’s ability to get pregnant in the future.

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In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a procedure used to help with fertility, prevent genetic problems and assist with the conception of a child


Spread out the cost of treatment over 12, 24, and 36 months to avoid large upfront payments and reduce financial burden.


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Egg Freezing and IVF in Greece

Many medical tourists choose Greece over other countries for fertility treatments because of its permissive IVF law. Anonymous and voluntary egg donation, multiple embryo transfer, fertility preservation whether for sperm, egg, and embryo, and surrogacy are all allowed in Greece. The age limit extension is another significant factor for couples who have significantly delayed childbearing. IVF treatment is available for women who fall below the age of 54 and men do not have an age limit. On top of it all, many IVF clinics in the country are ISO-accredited and they apply cutting-edge technology in their procedures.

What You Need To Know First About Greece

Greece has made a name in medical history because of Hippocrates, the "Father of Medicine." He was a Greek doctor who promoted medical ethical practices and scientific inquiry. In recent times, Greece is still a medical powerhouse with its unique blend of traditional healing, such as its famous mineral water healing or balneotherapy, with the application of innovative technology. Top hospitals, including Athens Medical Centre, Hygeia Hospital, and Metropolitan General, are mostly accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Greece strictly adheres to every detail in the European Charter of Patients' Rights.


There are two reasons why Greece is known for its cultural and geographical advantages worldwide. Firstly, it is rich in history. Secondly, it has very clean beach resorts in Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, and other paradises among its 6,000 islands. If you want to time travel, Greece is the country to beat. In the Acropolis, you will find the Parthenon, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, and the Acropolis Museum. The Temple of Apollo ruins can be found in Delphi. Visit Mycenae, where King Agamemnon ruled when he battled against Troy in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. The Hephaestus Temple, which was built in 450 BC, is well-preserved and sits on top of the hill of Agoreao Koronos in Athens.


The most popular food is gyros, a sandwich which is folded. It has a filling of chicken or pork, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, tzatziki, or other sauces. Other famous dishes are Greek salad (horiatiki), fried squid (calamari), and beef and eggplant lasagna (moussaka).


For your safety, avoid some neighbourhoods in Athens such as Omonoia, especially at night. Otherwise, Greece is a generally safe country except for some petty thievery in crowded places. Marijuana and other drugs are prohibited. When on beaches, swim in groups because lifeguards are not always on duty. Be careful on the roads because Greek drivers are not well-known for following traffic safety rules.


Take the bus, metro subway, or taxi anywhere in the city. There are also trams and suburban buses called KTEL. Avoid renting a car and driving yourself because of the chaotic driving culture and infamous traffic jams in the country.


Greeks delay parenthood due to several factors. A study published in 2021 reported that it is hard for Greeks to work when they are parents. The European Institute of Gender Equality also notes that parental leave eligibility is lower at 71% in Greece compared to the 90% average in other European countries. Self-employed Greeks also experience this parenthood barrier at work. In the same study, 32.9% of women participants said that they would consider having their eggs frozen while 25.3% of male participants would recommend it to their partner. However, ART awareness is still lacking in Greece since many believe wrongly that ART is the failsafe solution to all fertility problems. To counter this overestimation of ART results, the study concluded with a call for more infertility and treatment awareness programs.


Greek is the primary language while English is the most common foreign language spoken in the country

Benefits of Doing Fertility Treatments in Greece

Greek IVF clinics are licensed and regulated by the Greek National Authority of Assisted Reproduction. The reason why many medical tourists flock to Greece for fertility treatments is that the IVF law is permissive with anonymous and voluntary egg donation, transfer of multiple embryos, fertility preservation whether for sperm, egg, and embryo, and surrogacy. The Greek government also has extended the age limit to 54 years old for a woman to have a chance to give birth to a baby. Single females are also allowed to get anonymous or non-anonymous sperm donations. Many IVF clinics in the country are ISO-accredited and apply technological advancements in their procedures.


National health plan for IVF treatment

Greece's national health plan only covers partial costs of IVF. The largest governmental insurance company that reimburses the costs of IVF treatment for Greek citizens is the National Organization for HealthCare Services Provision (EOPYY). According to a study published in Population Med in 2022, the most common assisted reproduction treatment availed by insurance owners was IVF (86.1%). Others are induction of ovulation (10.5%), injection of sperm (2%), and hormonal administration of gonadotropins to men (1.3%). The most common infertility causes are an abnormality in sperm parameters, adhesions in sperm, obstruction in the fallopian tubes, tubal factor, and tubal symphysis.

Private IVF Clinics

NewLife IVF

Start your fertility journey at the NewLife IVF clinic in Kalamaria, Thessaloniki. It offers personalised treatments including IVF, oocyte, and sperm donation, PGT, and oocyte and sperm freezing. Its whole team speaks English, perfect for catering to foreigners. Additionally, medical tourists benefit from the clinic's longer consultations, personal email communication, Skype meetings, and 24/7 mobile phone messaging. The clinic enjoys high pregnancy success rates and is ISO-accredited. It follows the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines.


The Fertility Network OVU, Fertility Network UK, and the Greek National Authority of Assisted Reproduction also verify the clinic. On top of that, it is trusted by Fertility Clinics Abroad and Egg Donation Friends. Its high pregnancy rates for every embryo transfer are the following: 77.78% for patients using their own fresh oocytes; 66.7% for patients using fresh donor eggs; and 62.3% for patients using thawed cryopreserved embryos from fresh donor eggs.


Hygeia IVF Embryogenesis

The journey to achieving pregnancy is comfortable and convenient at Hygeia IVF Embryogenesis clinic in Marousi, Athens. ISO 15224-certified and replete with modern facilities, its services include fertility testing, IVF, egg/sperm freezing, egg donation, surrogacy, and PGT to help you have a healthy baby. Aside from superior medical care, it assists international patients with travel arrangements. You can even arrange for airport pickup since the clinic is only 35 minutes away from the Athens International Airport (AIA). The clinic has collaborated with several hotels within the area to give you discounts for your accommodation. Its success stats are 150,000 for IVF and 70,000 for the number of babies born as of 2023.


IVF Serum

International patients trust IVF Serum's over 30 years of experience. This Attica clinic's personalised treatments include stimulated and natural IVF (with or without donated eggs and sperm), egg and sperm freezing, surrogacy and PGT. It helps patients who have experienced many miscarriages, previous failed IVF attempts, and medical challenges associated with infertility. The Serum Sperm Bank provides thoroughly screened quality sperm from donors. During the consultation, the woman undergoes a series of fertility investigations to pave the way for a more fruitful reproductive journey.


These fertility investigations include a saline infusion sonography (SIS) or sonohysterography, immunology tests that include HLA-DQ Alpha Testing: Leukocyte Antibody Detection (LAD); Natural Killer Cell Assay; blood clot tests for Antiphospholipid antibodies (Lupus anticoagulant, antibodies against cardiolipin, etc.) and Inherited Thrombophilias (Factor V Leiden gene mutation, protein C & S deficiency, MTHFR 677 T mutation, etc.); and investigating the cause of recurrent miscarriages. One possible cause may be adhesions in the intrauterine area.


IVF Serum performs "implantation cuts" at the fundus of the uterus and hysteroscopic removal of intrauterine adhesions. This has significantly increased implantation success rates to achieve pregnancy. The male partner also undergoes several tests for semen, DNA fragmentation, oxidate stress level, sperm maturation, mitochondria, nucleus DNA concentration, and anti-sperm antibodies. While the clinic has collaborated with several hotels for your accommodation, you can also stay at any of the four IVF Serum apartments that are complete with Wi-Fi, AC, washing machine, fridge-freezer, cooker/oven, microwave, TV with complimentary Netflix, and other appliances.

Cost Considerations

IVF costs in Greece range from EUR 2,500 to 3,500 (USD 2,700 to 3780) when using the patient’s own eggs and EUR 4,200 to 6,000 (USD 4,540 to 6,480) when using donor eggs.


Egg freezing in Greece costs EUR 3,000 to 4,500 (USD 3,240 to 4,860) (including medication) per IVF cycle plus EUR 200 to 300 (USD 215 to 325) per year for storage. 

Other Considerations Before Starting Your Fertility Treatment in Greece


  • IVF is available for heterosexual couples and single women but not same-sex couples. 
  • The woman must be under 54. There is no age limit for men.
  • Gender selection is prohibited unless to prevent the transmission of serious genetic diseases.


Egg Freezing

  • There is a five-year storage limit for oocytes. This can be extended by five years with a permit from the National Authority of ART.
  • State health plans do not cover elective egg freezing. 
  • Sex selection is prohibited unless to prevent the transmission of serious genetic diseases.



  • Donors are anonymous and thoroughly tested for transmittable diseases.



  • Altruistic gestational surrogacy is permitted for married couples or single people who are Greek residents. Court permission must be granted.
  • Traditional, commercial, and social surrogacy are prohibited.

Why Choose Greece for Your Fertility Treatment

Greece is the birthplace of the "Father of Medicine," Hippocrates. Continuing this legacy of excellence in healthcare, rest assured that Greece is a good choice for your fertility journey. Greek IVF clinics are licensed and regulated by the Greek National Authority of Assisted Reproduction. Furthermore, all sperm and egg donations are thoroughly tested for transmittable diseases. Private IVF clinics have high pregnancy and birth rates for every embryo transfer. Investigatory procedures before treatment significantly increased implantation rates for achieving pregnancy.


Clinics make it easy for medical travellers with customised airport pickup and hotel and apartment accommodation discounts. Enjoy your stay by visiting the age-old Parthenon, Mycenae, and Hephaestus Temple or lounging at the beaches of Mykonos, Santorini, or Crete while savouring delectable gyros, calamari, and moussaka.

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