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Egg Freezing Singapore
Egg Freezing

Egg freezing, also known as mature oocyte cryopreservation, is a method used to save women’s ability to get pregnant in the future.

In Vitro Fertilisation

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a procedure used to help with fertility, prevent genetic problems and assist with the conception of a child


Spread out the cost of treatment over 12, 24, and 36 months to avoid large upfront payments and reduce financial burden.


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Egg Freezing and IVF in Portugal

Portugal makes it easier for serodiscordant and homoaffective female couples to have a family. This means that many in vitro fertilisation (IVF) clinics offer treatments to HIV-positive (and oftentimes, HVC-positive) patients and those in same-sex female partnerships. All assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatments and non-anonymous donations are listed in Portugal's national registry.


This makes it possible for donor-conceived children to access their donor’s identity at 18 or above. For those who want to avail of surrogacy, rest assured that it is well-regulated in Portugal. For example, the surrogate cannot be the oocyte donor and the child must be registered within 20 days of birth.

What Medical Travelers Should Know About Portugal

Portugal, located in Southwestern Europe, currently enjoys the #21 spot in the Medical Tourism Index global ranking. Historically, the 13th-century-old University of Coimbra is one of the oldest European medical schools. Aside from fertility treatments, Portugal is also a popular destination for anti-ageing, regenerative, and aesthetical medical tourism.


The country is famous for its Port wine, so make sure to include a Porto wine cellar tour in your itinerary. For Catholics, drop by at Fatima, where three children have seen the apparition of the Virgin Mary. Religious pilgrims would also relish taking the famous walk at Caminhos de Santiago (St. James Way). Enjoy the warm climate of Portugal in one of its many beach resorts. Surfers flock to Peniche, Nazareth, Figueira da Foz, and Ericeira. Golf aficionados would surely go crazy with the 90+ golf courses scattered throughout the country.


The 2022 World Population Review ranked Portugal as the third safest country in the world while the 2023 Global Peace Index ranked it at #7. The crime level is extremely low, strong adherence to democracy accounts for its high political stability, and it has an affordable cost of living, especially in healthcare.


Portugal is a very religious country so be sure to show respect for Catholic and Christian values. Do not visit a church and take pictures while there is an ongoing Mass. Remove your hat before entering a church. Avoid conversing about religion, politics, and colonial matters.


The train system called Comboios de Portugal connects every major city in the country. These trains are classified into four: regional trains (Regionais) for short travel; intercity trains (Intercidades); Urbanos subway system; and the Alfa Pendular high-speed train. You can also take buses, the Metropolitano de Lisboa, the Metro do Porto, taxis, Uber service, and rental cars.


In a 2017 study about fertility knowledge in Portugal, results showed that the participants' knowledge about their infertility risks was poor. They also displayed overestimation attitudes regarding ART success rates. Around 45.5% of the participants assumed that more than 50% of infertile couples would get pregnant after having their initial cycle of ART.


The official language in the country is Portuguese, an Indo-European Romance language, spoken by 96% of the population. The language has 10 dialects. Other languages spoken widely are English, Spanish, and French.

Benefits of Doing Fertility Treatments in Portugal

There are many advantages when one decides to undergo IVF treatment in Portugal: Single women and same-sex couples enjoy exactly the same rights as heterosexual couples. There are no waiting lists for either egg donors or sperm donors. Some clinics offer treatment to HIV/HCV/HBV-positive patients. It's also a popular holiday destination.


Portuguese IVF law stands out in Europe as being one of the most progressive. Assisted reproductive technology services in Portuguese public hospitals are free while fertility medicines are covered partially by around 40%. Free ART coverage entails three IVF cycles except for the replacement of frozen embryos. Eligible patients are women between 18 to 40 years old and men between the ages of 18 to 60. Public and private centres accept publicly funded patients. Drugs used for assisted reproductive medicine are covered by more or less 40% in private IVF clinics.


The Portuguese IVF law allows for gamete donation treatments for heterosexual and lesbian couples and single women, but not for male couples. The most popular locations for either private IVF centres or egg donation treatments are Lisbon, Coimbra, Faro, and Porto.

Private Fertility Clinics in Portugal


At this ISO 9001-certified IVF clinic located in Coimbra, an IVF cycle costs EUR 4,950 (USD 5,289) per cycle or EUR 7,500 – 11,950 (USD 8,014 - 12,769) with donor eggs. Treatments are available for HCV-positive and HIV-positive patients. Established in 2002, Ferticentro has over 20 years of experience. Patients can work with local doctors from their home countries for tests and medicine administration. They can have treatments as soon as they want to because there are no waiting lists. Psychological care is available at the clinic.



IVI, which partnered with American RMANJ, has 74+ clinics around the world, making it the largest assisted reproduction group today. The fertility clinic in Lisbon offers personalised treatments including artificial insemination, IVF, the ROPA method, egg and embryo donation, PGT, ICSI, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, EmbryoScope, oocyte vitrification, and egg freezing. The Lisbon team is headed by Dr Sérgio Reis Soares.



The services at Clinimer include IVF treatments, the ROPA method, and egg freezing. This ISO 9001-certified fertility clinic is verified by Fertility Network. The IVF treatment costs EUR 3,800 (USD 4,060) per cycle and EUR 4,700 (USD 5,021) for the ROPA method. Egg freezing costs EUR 4,700 (USD 5,021) per cycle. It has also partnered with the European Sperm Bank.

Cost Considerations

IVF costs in Portugal range from EUR 4,000 – 4,600 (USD 4,320 – 4,970) when using the patient’s own eggs, EUR 4,700 – 5,500 (USD 5,080 – 5940) for the ROPA method, and EUR 6,000 – 8,000 (USD 6,480 – 8,645) when using donor eggs. 


Donor sperm costs an additional EUR 450 – 600 (USD 485 – 650). IVF with frozen embryo transfer and donation costs EUR 2,000 – 2,400 (USD 2,160 – 2,590).


The first three IVF / ICSI cycles are publicly funded.

PGT-A / PGS genetic embryo testing costs EUR 2,000 – 2,400 (USD 2,160 – 2,590).


Egg freezing in Portugal typically costs EUR 2,400 – 3,300 (USD 2,590 – 3,565) plus storage costs of around EUR 500 (USD 540) per three years.  


Elective egg freezing is not government-funded.

Other Considerations Before Starting Your Fertility Treatment in Portugal


  • IVF in Portugal is available to heterosexual couples, single women, and female couples (but not male couples).
  • The woman must be under 50. There is no male age limit.
  • Sex selection is only permitted to prevent serious transmittable diseases.
  • PGS is permitted. PGD is only allowed for serious genetic diseases.
  • It is mandatory that all ART treatments are listed in the national registry.


Egg Freezing

  • Anyone can freeze their eggs for elective or medical reasons. 
  • Eggs can be stored indefinitely but storage arrangements must be renewed every five years.
  • There is no legal upper age limit.


Frozen Embryo Storage

  • Upfront payment for the whole duration of three years is the minimum storage allowance.


Donation in Portugal

  • Egg, sperm, and embryo donation is available to infertile heterosexual couples, single women, and female couples. 
  • Children born from donor conception can access their donor’s identity at 18 or above.
  • A non-anonymous donor law was enacted in 2018.
  • Donors (egg donor/ sperm donor/ embryo donor) are listed in donor registries.


Egg Donors

  • Egg donors have to be between the ages of 18 and 35.
  • Donor compensation for egg donors is legal.
  • Egg donors are allowed to donate for a maximum of four times within their lifetime.



  • Portugal banned commercial surrogacy.
  • Altruistic surrogacy is available to heterosexual and lesbian couples.
  • The surrogate must have already given birth to one child and needs to be physically and psychologically assessed by clinics. The surrogate cannot also be the oocyte donor. The child must be registered within 20 days of birth (until then, the surrogate may keep the child).

Why Choose Portugal for Your Fertility Treatment

For patient comfort and convenience, many IVF clinics can flexibly work with doctors from other European countries to minimise the patients' need for frequent medical treatments in Portugal. Patients do not need to wait for months or years because they can have their personalised treatments done as soon as possible. IVF clinics also include psychological care at their clinic to help patients go through their treatments with a more relaxed attitude. Social egg freezing with no legal upper age limit is also allowed.


After your treatment, it's time to unwind with a wine-tasting tour at Porto, try to hit as many birdies, eagles, and pars at the famous golf courses, and go to the solemn Fatima shrine.

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