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Egg Freezing & IVF in Spain

At Zora Health, you are our top priority. Our panel of experts will guide you through every step of the fertility treatment journey, helping you make informed decisions about your options, expected outcomes, and costs. Our  clinic in Spain offers families the same options as our other clinics around the world.

Egg Freezing Singapore
Egg Freezing

Egg freezing, also known as mature oocyte cryopreservation, is a method used to save women’s ability to get pregnant in the future.

In Vitro Fertilisation

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a procedure used to help with fertility, prevent genetic problems and assist with the conception of a child


Spread out the cost of treatment over 12, 24, and 36 months to avoid large upfront payments and reduce financial burden.


Ready to do your egg freezing & IVF journey in Spain?

Accessible & affordable fertility care in Spain

Egg Freezing and IVF in Spain

Did you know that patients with HIV and HCV/HBV can still have in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment in many clinics in Spain? That's right! It's also available for heterosexual and same-sex female couples as well as single women. The male partner can choose to have treatment at any age while women can still get it at age 50! Sperm and egg donation are legal. Plus, donor eggs and embryos and donor sperm (from an anonymous donor) are screened for diseases like HIV 1 and 2, hepatitis, syphilis, cystic fibrosis mutation, muscular spinal atrophy, autosomal recessive disorders, and fragile X syndrome.


Although donor identity is undisclosed, you can choose the desired physical characteristics and race of your sperm donor or egg donor.

Medical Tourism in Spain

Spain is known as one of the countries at the top of the medical tourism global list. It currently ranks #4, next to the Top Three of Canada, Singapore, and Japan in the Medical Tourism Index. It scores high in terms of patient care, medical practice, and research. Several clinics have received international accreditations and ISO certifications. Its healthcare system is overseen by the Ministry of Health, Social Services, and Equality and other regulatory groups. Medical laws are observed strictly to avoid malpractice and honour the rights of patients.


To relax after your procedures, take advantage of the beautiful Valencia beaches and Basque Country mountains. Its number of immigrants places Spain in second place based on immigration percentage and first place based on immigration rate in absolute numbers. It attracts many immigrants because of its low cost of living and low crime level. Travellers also appreciate the wide range of food and cultural choices to experience.


Follow local laws while staying in Spain. Public drinking of alcohol is banned in Madrid, the Canary Islands, and the Balearic Islands so stick to drinking in restaurants and bars that have licenses to allow alcohol. If you're staying in Malaga, you are not allowed to don garments and accessories that resemble human genitals or other sexual representations. It is also not allowed for women to wear bikinis and swimsuits, and for men to have no shirts on, outside the beach. You are expected to be fully clothed up to the parking lots or anywhere outside of the seaside area. There are now fines for making loud noises and beaches now ban smoking.


Getting around the country is convenient as well as environment-friendly. The available trains are the Renfe and the AVE high-speed trains that conserve fuel energy. There are 40 airports in Spain so you can easily fly domestically according to your budget. Ride a Spanish coach bus to get to rural areas and coastal towns. A typical coach bus is equipped with seats that recline, WIFI service, music and movies, windows for viewing the country's beauty while in transit, and onboard dining amenities. Seniors and students get discounts and frequent travellers get perks the more they ride. these buses run on natural gas, hydrogen, or electricity. Their online booking system is a breeze too. When driving a rental car, be sure to get a permit if you're not European. Explore the cities by riding the metro, taxis, ride-sharing services, and scooters.


The Spanish attitude towards fertility treatment is progressive and unconventional. According to an article in 2022, about half of babies born in Spain have unmarried parents. The Spanish Fertility Society has announced that one in ten Spanish children are born through assisted reproductive treatment.


The four major languages in Spain are Spanish or Castilian, Euskera, Galician, and Catalan. English, French, and German are also widely spoken.

Benefits of Doing Fertility Treatments in Spain

There are many benefits to doing fertility treatments in Spain. Firstly, clinics accept international patients. Even more so, patients from other EU countries can travel freely to Spain. Visitors from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand can stay for up to 90 days without a visa. Many patients from different countries choose budget airlines to fly to the cities of Barcelona, Valencia, and Alicante for their oocyte preservation and IVF treatments.


A second benefit is the short waiting lists for assisted reproduction treatments. Thirdly, the success rates are also pretty high at 25.8% for women under 34, 23.2% for women between 35 and 39, and 11.7% for women over 40. As a bonus for travelling abroad for either artificial insemination or intrauterine insemination, ovarian stimulation, frozen embryo transfer, egg donation, egg retrieval, and other treatments offered by fertility clinics, Spain is a popular tourist destination with glorious beaches, a warm climate and stunning architecture.


Spain provides access to any fertility treatment for free to all: heterosexual married couples; single women; lesbians; bisexuals, and those who are transgender. However, a 2021 study published in the International Journal for Equity and Health states that there are still fewer success rates in public assisted reproduction technology (ART) clinics compared to private centres. The long waiting times in public clinics also discourage many patients so they seek private care instead.


Clinica Tambre

There are many Spanish clinics specialising in assisted reproductive medicine. Clinica Tambre, which has 45 years of experience and the highest IVF success rates in Europe, offers oocyte freezing, IVF, and egg and sperm donors (the clinic has its own sperm bank). They are known for their advanced ART and extensive diagnostic testing. IVF is offered to HIV-positive patients. It has received certifications from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and Bureau Veritas (UNE 179007 and ISO 9001). Their team of highly trained doctors, nurses, embryologists, and other staff is led by medical director Dr Laura Garcia De Miguel, a specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics who has worked in reproductive medicine for over ten years.


The staff speak a range of languages including English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Armenian, and Dutch as well as Spanish. IVF costs EU 5,100 (USD 5,590) using the patient’s own eggs and EUR 6,500 (USD 7,125) using donor eggs.


Barcelona IVF

Another fertility clinic to consider is Barcelona IVF. Like Clinica Tambre, aside from the availability of IVF and oocyte freezing, IVF is offered to HIV-positive individuals. It is ISO 9001- and ESHRE-accredited and UNE 179007-certified. There are no waiting lists for donor eggs or treatment. Egg donors are thoroughly screened for personal and family history, psychological assessment, gynaecological review, blood testing and genetic testing. Medical director Dr Raul Olivares, who has over 28 years of experience as a doctor in assisted reproduction, leads the clinic's team of experienced doctors and embryologists. 


The language barrier is not a problem for international patients, especially Europeans, because members speak German, Italian, and French. IVF costs EUR 4,970 (USD 5,450) and its success rates are above Europe’s average.


Instituto Bernabeu

Finally, if you're looking for a clinic with tons of recognition, Instituto Bernabeu is the place to choose. It's UNE 179007-certified and ISO 9001-certified since 2008. Among the international accreditations it has received are the EFQM Committed to Excellence accreditation in 2008 (thus, becoming the first assisted reproduction clinic in Spain to receive it) and the International Excellent Private Health (SEP) accreditation endorsed by the EFQM in 2013.


The clinic’s QH** Certification from the Institute for Health Development and Integration (IDIS) was recently renewed in 2022. The clinic’s Unica Bernabeu program adapts treatment according to the individual circumstances of patients until pregnancy results and promises a 100% rebate if pregnancy is not achieved.

Cost Considerations

In Spain, IVF typically costs EUR 3,600 – 6,700 (USD 4,062 – 7,560) when using your own eggs or EUR 5,900 – 8,500 (USD 6,660 – 9,590) when using donor eggs. Additional costs may include consultations (EUR 150 – 250 or USD 170 – 280), embryo monitoring (EUR 300 – 600 or USD 340 – 680) and sperm freezing (EUR 150 – 350 or USD 170 – 395).


Egg freezing costs EUR 3470 – 5020 (USD 3,800 – 5,500) per cycle plus EUR 180 – 500 (USD 200 – 550) per year for storage.


Unfortunately for Spanish citizens, governmental health plans do not cover elective egg freezing. Most clinics also do not offer funding to non-Spanish citizens / permanent residents.

Other Considerations Before Starting Your Fertility Treatment in Spain


  • IVF is available for heterosexual couples, single women, and female couples, but not male couples. 
  • The maximum age for women is 50 (though clinics may accept patients up to the age of 52 depending on circumstances) and there is no age limit for the male partner. 
  • Sex selection is prohibited unless to prevent serious genetic diseases. 
  • Many IVF clinics welcome patients who have HIV and HCV/HBV.


Donors and Surrogacy

  • Egg and sperm donation is legal. 
  • Donors are anonymous but banks provide information regarding physical characteristics. Donors are thoroughly screened for HIV 1 and 2, hepatitis, syphilis, cystic fibrosis mutation, muscular spinal atrophy, autosomal recessive disorders, and fragile X syndrome.
  • When receiving sperm donation, egg donation or embryo donation, there are many races to choose from as donors, be it Latino, Caucasian, African, Asian, and others.
  • You are limited to having the ceiling number of six babies that come from the same sperm donor.
  • Most Spanish clinics have their own egg and sperm banks.
  • Surrogacy is not recognised in Spain.


Egg Freezing and Embryo Transfer

  • There are no legal restrictions on age or length of storage.
  • You can have up to three embryo transfers regardless of where the eggs are sourced (own eggs or egg donation).


Why Choose Spain for Your Fertility Treatment

Spain is a wise choice for having fertility treatment. It accommodates a wide variety of patients, including the most challenging cases. The Spanish society welcomes progressive and unconventional ways of building a family. As proof, half of Spanish babies born in 2022 have unmarried parents and one in 10 Spanish babies are IVF babies. Several IVF clinics cater to foreign patients without making them wait too long. After IVF treatment, relax at any of the breathtaking Valencia beaches and Basque Country mountains.

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