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Egg Freezing Singapore
Egg Freezing

Egg freezing, also known as mature oocyte cryopreservation, is a method used to save women’s ability to get pregnant in the future.

In Vitro Fertilisation

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a procedure used to help with fertility, prevent genetic problems and assist with the conception of a child


Spread out the cost of treatment over 12, 24, and 36 months to avoid large upfront payments and reduce financial burden.

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Egg Freezing and IVF in Taiwan

When you do your research, you will find that some of the best fertility specialists with extensive clinical experience in the world practice in Taiwan. The country offers its distinct technology in reproductive medicine among its vast array of professional medical services for foreign patients. Those with cancer or of advanced maternal age specifically choose Taiwan for infertility treatment because of its unique global frozen egg technology.

What Medical Travelers Should Know About Taiwan

Taiwan is considered one of the havens for medical travellers. The World Health Organization has ranked Taiwan's healthcare as #3 in East Asia and #17 globally. It combines cutting-edge surgery, medication, and medical technology, especially in reproductive medicine, with convenient transportation and accommodation.


Travellers must first secure a Visitor Visa for Medical Treatment Purpose. Among the documentary requirements are a bank statement or payment plan together with the consent, diagnosis, and treatment proposal from any of the Taiwan medical institutions in the Central, Northern, Southern, Eastern parts, and other islands.


You will arrive at any of the three international airports in Taiwan: Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Kaohsiung International Airport, and Taipei International (Songshan) Airport. It's easy to explore the country through its island-wide railway system, Taiwan High-Speed Rail, the five MRT lines, intercity buses, and taxis.


For first-time visitors to Taipei City, you can marvel at the mix of urban modernity and century-old architecture in the Xinyi and East Districts. A must-see is the National Palace Museum which houses the historical relics of Chinese culture. Visit the two major cultural and creative parks in Songshan and Huashan. Experience the night markets in Huaxi, Ningxia, and Shilin.


There are also spectacular sights to see outside of Taipei. Find peace at the monasteries and temples in Miaoli County. If you want to experience the best of mountains and the sea, head to Chiayi County. Meanwhile, the most majestic views are found in Hualien. Go beyond the usual attractions and have a pick among the dozens of islands in Matsu, Lianjiang County.


Taiwan is located in an active zone for earthquakes so it's helpful to learn earthquake safety procedures before your trip. Be careful during the typhoon season between July and November. The good news: the country's crime rate is low. However, always be on guard against credit and ATM card fraud, pickpockets, and purse snatchers.


Patrilineal rules are now loosening

Despite being considered one of the most progressive countries in Asia, several factors prove its prevalent conservative views of the family. The older generations still espouse raising families the traditional way. Children are taken care of by married parents, with the help of their paternal grandparents. Taiwanese society practised rigid patrilineality up until 2000. Today, Taiwanese citizens carry only the names of their fathers on their birth certificates when their parents are newly married.


The newer generations now have changing attitudes towards marriage and children. The Taiwanese government gives monetary incentives to people entering and maintaining heterosexual marriages. However, there is still a lack of support from the government to those seeking modern ways of building families using assisted reproductive technology. This frustrates younger women who consider becoming single mothers even if they have to face the challenge of balancing their careers and childcare at the same time on their own.


Taiwan's 2007 Assisted Reproduction Act states that the government provides support only to married couples. They are eligible for the program when one spouse's medical history prevents them from natural human reproduction. Aside from that, the government requires the following:

  • Use the husband's sperm and a locally donated egg, or a locally donated sperm and the wife's egg.
  • The wife must carry the foetus in her womb.


The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese. Hokkien is also commonly spoken. Other languages are Hakka, Japanese, and the Formosan languages. A Taiwanese government survey found that 28.5% of the Taiwanese people can speak English.

Benefits of Doing Fertility Treatments in Taiwan 

The success rate for IVF treatments in Taiwan is impressive. According to the Taipei Medical Tourism website, the IVF implantation rate is 36.7% and the delivery rate is 35.8%. Moreover, the cost is half of the average universal price.


There are 36 hospitals in Taiwan that exclusively serve medical tourists. Among these hospitals, 14 of them are included in the Top 200 hospitals globally. The country also ranks as the world's Top 4 when it comes to its national medical treatment evaluation mechanism. It's also the first Asian country to establish and practise this system.


Treatment options in Taiwan cater to the different individual needs of patients. These include preimplantation genetic screening, single embryo transfer, and access to the country's internationally famous assisted reproductive technology.

Cost Considerations / IVF Procedure and Egg Freezing Costs to Consider

The cost of IVF in Taiwan ranges from NT$100,000 to 150,000 or USD3163 to 3475 per cycle. Meanwhile, the yearly fee for egg storage is between NT$4000 to NT6000. These costs are unfortunately beyond the budget of average Taiwanese citizens. What's more, the government does not subsidise these fees.

Other Considerations Before Starting Your Fertility Treatment in Taiwan

  • Only married heterosexual couples are allowed to have IVF treatment in Taiwan. You are required to present your official marriage certificate.
  • Surrogacy is illegal in Taiwan. If you are unable to carry a pregnancy to term and will require a surrogate, you need to seek gestational surrogacy outside the country.
  • Single heterosexual women without diagnosed infertility problems enjoy the option to freeze their eggs. This is because a woman's good health status largely contributes to a greater chance of delivering a healthy baby.

Why Choose Taiwan for Your Fertility Treatment 

From consultation to conception, you can't go wrong in choosing Taiwan for your fertility treatment. Every fertility clinic delivers quality hospital services and is manned by a professional medical team of doctors and nurses. Taiwan's remarkable global frozen egg technology offers much-needed hope for even cancer patients to raise their likelihood of giving birth. The country ranks among the highest in the World Health Organization's healthcare standards. Many of its medical tourism hospitals are included in the list of best hospitals across the globe, making it a solid destination for enhancing your human reproduction potential.

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